Aquatrainer Aqualine

The Art of Aquatraining is ACTIVOMED

Our Quality standards satisfying
Aqua training at the highest level of technology and service. this goal we claim, we will meet for 10 years. The successful use by our customers from the first day of Startup is the daily proof of that.

Design and manufacturing are a guarantee for your investment
Highest quality standards (ISO 9001 certified) in the manufacturing, the entire system can be consistently in stainless steel in terms of durability and ruggedness caused no easy compromise. Simple but sophisticated controls for the user to support the daily work. On expensive technological "bells and whistles" we do not consciously.
Regular maintenance should be carried out inexpensively by yourself. This reduces operating costs and increases profitability.

Experienced advice and introduction
Only with deep experienced expert advice and customized solutions for the use you can achieve the goal to establish profitable and an everyday Equine Aquatrainersystem.
Dr. Matthias Baumann you is an experienced horse professional side, as a veterinarian, which operates a rehabilitation center and as an internationally successful rider no question about the horse leaves unanswered.

Education as a foundation for success
The targeted training of our customers even before they take the system into operation is an essential foundation for a successful launch. Only with us you will receive trainees and also the special consultation service with any questions about training plans or specific rehabilitation exercises.

Safety is highest priority
In design and construction, we have implemented many hidden details that give the partner horse safety during training. Reducing the risk of injury to an absolute minimum, which should always be the priority: Or would you prefer that your horse is injured on her way to recovery again? Therefore we are obliged as horse people horse's partner.
Whether it be the straight side walls to the treadmill with no rough edges, or the "one-hand door mechanism", the large-volume cushioning instead of solid rods, or the short treads specially rounded and recessed front area for better visual contact, a continuous operator Stage: All of this is only one objective - operational -

Movement in water has long been regarded as an ideal muscle and fitness training, because gravity is suspended in water and not the full weight rests on muscles and joints. Water offers gentle resistance to build strength, which increased at faster movement and thus increases the burden on natural way. Excessive momentum will slow down gently from the water. At the same time, the water cools stressed muscles and joints and provides a relaxing massage.